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So here's the original jyze manifesto but a severely tersified and retitled version, copied from the appendix of Jyzeburst.  Over the next seven annals of The Jyze Age it changed a lot but retained the jyst.

The Ten Arms of the Jyzopus

  1. Make each entry the same preset target length (say ten pages), with min/max limits  (say eight, twelve pages);

  2. Observe a preset interval (jyzeweek) between entries, preferably an even number of days so that jyzeday will always fall in cyclical fashion on a different day of the week ("On the eighth day he/she jyzed");

  3. Fill a jyzebook to the last page in a certain preset period (say four months), with any failures to meet (1) and (2) above compensated for in order to meet (3) (i.e., if short one page one entry, add an extra page to the next entry, etc.);

  4. At some point in each entry describe the setting of that entry ("where it's coming from");

  5. Always choose for each entry (if possible) a setting different from all previous settings in the same volume;

  6. Give each entry a "hook" in the larger world (i.e., events, news, politics);

  7. Advance the jyzer's personal narrative in each entry (i.e., what's happened since the previous entry);

  8. Maintain awareness in each entry of overarching story, pace and developing themes and characters for the jyzeyear as a whole, fictional novel fashion;

  9. Avoid use of brand names, personal names (except for those of acquaintances, and then first names and initials only), and place names (except for those of countries and world regions) (but names and places from fiction are okay);

  10. Inflect all the above through gnarly jyzer self: mood, conflicts, temper, hopes, gripes, dreams, unconscious.  (Poke that hurt!  Twang those tensions!)

(Not that the jyzopus needs even a single one of these arms to lean on.  Chop off as many as you like and you can keep on jyzing regardless.  And sooner or later the arms will grow back anyway, though they might not be recognizable at first or ever.)


(To check out how the Jyzopus has morphed over the years, see "The Jyze Rules" on Jyze It Up, the author's Substack website.  --- GPS.)

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